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Jamz Baseball Bandz are uniquely engineered to not only care for the specialized muscles used in overhand throwing but also promote a healthy grip and improved forearm strength.  Unlike other  baseball arm bands that only focus on the larger muscles of the arm, Jamz Bandz key in on the minor supporting muscles that are overlooked by others.

Jamz Baseball Bandz come standard with a 4 seam fastball grip and durable baseballs.  Bandz can be customized for other grips (2 seam fastball, curveball, changup, palmball…etc) and also can be customized with the specific ball your player will be using.  If you don’t see your particular ball listed, please reach out to us on the contact us page with your needs.  We are happy to work with our customers to help put the proper quality gear in their player’s hands!

Players should start with 10 reps of each exercise, at Once or twice a day.  As the player becomes comfortable with the exercises and technique improves they should work towards a goal of 25 reps of each exercise at least twice a day during the season.

Do all exercises twice a day 10-25 reps (video below).  One set in the morning and the second set before bed.

Game and practice warmups should always begin with a set of 10 reps of all exercises.

In-Between innings of games pitchers should follow the In-Game JamzBandz workout (video below).

Pre-Season workouts with the bands should begin at least a month in advance of the player resuming full velocity throwing.

The bottom line…. the more work you put into them the more you get out of them.  It is never to late to start! Results will be felt within a week of beginning.



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Standard Vinyl Baseball, High School Ball – Wilson A1030 or A1010, College Ball – Rawlings NCAA, MLB Ball – Rawlings


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